Quota International of Auckland - Community Champion Award 2018


This year’s Award winner is Whisper Gage from Birkenhead College. Whisper is the Cultural Leader for her school and also the kapa haka leader.

She volunteers in her study periods at the Kauri Kids Early Childhood Centre and gives her time and energy to help little lives especially those who are deprived economically.

Whisper has impacted the school with her friendly and energetic nature and is approachable and kind to younger students.

Whisper also looks after her younger siblings and contributes to household chores such as cooking and cleaning.

She is regarded as an inspirational, stellar student and is held in high esteem by her school leaders.

Auckland Quota members are proud to award Whisper as our Community Champion 2018 and wish her well for her future endeavours.


Auckland Quota Community Champion Award 2017

Auckland Quota Community Champion Award 2017

Members of Quota International of Auckland are proud to announce the Award of this year’s Community Champion Award to Fiona Curran.

Fiona is a Year 10 student at Selwyn College and has Tourette’s syndrome. Fiona has been very open about her condition and is determined to succeed and try her best. She volunteers at the Totara Learning Centre, a class of students with disabilities and has formed strong relationships with two of the most disabled students.

Fiona endures many difficulties with her condition but has not allowed her disability to stop her from achieving her goals. With her positive attitude she has become an inspiration and role model to staff and students at her school.
We wish her every success in her future endeavours.