The theme for my two years as Director of Region 21 is “Strong Member – Strong Club”. Each member brings their own skills and talents to a club and together the clubs are unique. Clubs support many different community projects as they uphold Quota International mission statement empowering women, children, the deaf and hard-of-hearing, and people with speech difficulties. It is my privilege to support the clubs in New Zealand and Fiji as they continue their work in their communities.

My Quota journey began as a Charter member of the Opotiki club in 1982. I have held many positions in the club and was a member for two years on the Quota International Board representing the clubs in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand. I have attended many International conventions and have an understanding of the organisation in many countries.

February 6th 2019 Quota International is 100 years. It is an exciting time as we celebrate 100 years of community service, and honour the vision of our founder Wanda Frey Joiner. 

Lois Watson

Director Region 21 Quota International