Grace Stratton

Scholarship winner Grace Stratton with Auckland Quota Club President Jacque Kendall (left) and Quota International Region 21 Director Jan Rhodes.

Congratulations to Grace Stratton from Carmel College in Auckland, winner of the 2017 Scholarship.  Next year Grace will be studying at the Auckland University of Technology doing a conjoint degree in communications and Business.

Grace has physical challenges and uses a wheelchair.  She has had multiple surgeries over many years rehabilitating at the Wilson Centre.   

In spite of her disability she passed NCEA 1 and 2 endorsed with Excellence overall.  The level 2 results were achieved despite being hospitalized and in recuperation at Wilson Home for the first term.  She has received academic prizes as well as Awards for her contributions to her school and for her perseverance and determination.   She is currently a member of the student Leadership team as the Head of Academic and is actively involved in organizing events such as the Scholars Assembly and starting a tutorial group.

Grace is also a freelance writer/blogger and has worked internationally on behalf of corporate and humanitarian organizations.

New Zealand Quota members are very happy with our choice of Grace as the 2017 Scholarship winner and wish her every success with her future studies.

QUOTA New Zealand Educational Scholarship Information

What you need to apply

To apply for the Quota Scholarship you will need the following:

1. A list of personal achievements

2. Two references

3. Prepare an essay on how Quota International helps disadvantaged women and children and hearing and speech impaired individuals in New Zealand and in other Quota countries around the Quota World.

Applicants are to use the Quota websites and to learn more about Quota and the way Quota operates to complete the essay.

What else should I know? You must be able to fulfil all requirements for admission to the Tertiary Institute of choice. You must be enrolling in a full time program of study.

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